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Why Closed Loop, P2P?

Closed Loop:
Allows for both sides of the transaction to be monitored privately.
Security Parameters can be set for individual users.
CIP - Customer Identification Program identifies users at both ends of the transaction.
SAR (Suspicious Activities) histories from both sides are instantly analyzed before transaction takes place
Rewards and direct marketing are controlled without external agencies.



The most appealing benefit of P2P transfers is cost.
All transacti
ons happen electronically, with the system automatically matching buyers and sellers without requiring a middleman
Many users also enjoy the transparent pricing that P2P networks offer.
MoneyCloud P2P is a “same as cash” transaction
P2P networks are also more secure in many respects and encryption can be customized
Also, because very little personally identifiable information is attached to any transaction, users don't have to worry about data breaches.

Instant SAR:
On every transaction InstantSAR looks at histories of both the transaction sender and the receiver within preset parameters, then documents any suspicious activities for a Financial Controller decision.

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