Reducing Costs in HealthCare

The MedicalTech Mobile Action Path:




  Savings Via Technology

*Increase Network/Web Healthcare Capabilities by Introducing Technologies Available within the New HTML 5 Standard.


*Streamline Administrative Costs - Efficient Data Management - Increase Availability and Speed of Data


*Speech to Text Entry Option for all Data with Automated Error Correction before Submission


*Prevent Fraud and Abuse - Identity Verification - Eliminate Duplicate Records


*Prevent Avoidable Hospital Admissions and Re-admissions


*Migrate Existing Network Healthcare to Private Cloud Systems by Separating the Software from the Computer.


*Online Collaboration - Increase Shared Decision Making, Increase Network Abilities and Harness Available Bandwidth


*Introduce Data Mapping (Unstructured Data), Combine and Reformat Where Practical


*Better Information Management (Analytics, More Graphic Models, Situation Solutions)


*Increased Simplicity - Button Based Entries, Easier, More Specific Codes Generated Faster


*Generate Higher Quality EHR Entries


*Simplify IT by Providing SaaS (Software as a Service) or PaaS (Platform as a Service)


Protecting Data Distribution:

Increased Security via Secured Software Virtual Private Networks (VPNS)

The Creation of Secure Private Cloud Systems for Specific HealthCare Clients Ensuring the Protection of Paths and Entries to Secure VPNs or Private Internet Tunnels