Patient Operational Data


The system addresses the needs of the patient in a practical way to assist with health care and insurance changes. It brings together the best available technologies at a most critical time, when the HealthCare industry in the United Stated is undergoing massive restructure as it becomes increasingly patient centric.
The Right Person:
The POD system begins with multi biometric verification of the patient and subsequently each individual or network that is connected to the patient’s POD.
By establishing a single correct identity helps to overcome the existing problem of multiple records for the same individual and also a place to merge existing multiple records.

Once identity has been established, Personal Health Records (PHRs) are requested in an ASCII format via the Blue Button process for parsing and display in any browser.
Integration with Electronic Health Records (EHRs) is permission based per institution as required.

The system is designed to accurately represent the state of the patient at all times. It includes case histories, all doctors, medications, allergies, alerts, family data, personal preferences and habits.

Virtual Hospital and Assisted Home Care is monitored and managed from within the system.

All medical durable medical equipment(DME), devices and nursing supplies can be ordered from within the system as well as prescription kits set up (and replaced on expiry), reducing visits to doctors and drug stores.

A closed loop payment system for Healthcare services is part of the system that has both time and cost saving benefits.

The system includes online consultations with 24 hour, live two way video or audio services showing available doctors with credentials. Integration with medical devices will be implemented as required.

Collaboration for Medical Practitioners on D-O-D-S (Doctors Operational Data Systems) Networks will be available along with Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) as required.

Medical imaging (DICOM and SVG) libraries will be established with the aim to store and capture visual data from hardware devices for monitoring and eventually network control.